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Paralympics were held successfully, and the Shenzhou VII manned space mission was a complete success. These achievements▓ signify that we have taken ne

ople continued to rise. A

w and solid steps along the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics. They have greatly fortified the courage and strength o▓f the people of all

total of 11.13million

our ethnic groups to surmount difficulties and will definitely encourage us to bravely forge ahead on the new historical course. NIIA ▓expert: "Basic


science, technology development fundamental to Ch▓ina´s success story"LAGOS, Oct. 6 (Xinhua) -- Besides adoption of reform and opening-up policy, basic science and technology development provided solid foundation for C

hina's economic growth, Osita Agbu, an expert of Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA), has said during an interview with Xinhua recently in Lagos, Nigeria. "Mo▓st of people in China have been lifted out of poverty since the adoption of reform and openin▓g-up policy, it has too much positive to say about the achievements," said the e

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xpert. He praised Chinese leaders' determination for adopting such a policy 30 years ago, saying that the decision not only changed Chinese people's life but also changed the world, for instance,▓ Nigeria and China could share an increasing closer business ties since then. Before Ch▓ina's reform and opening-up to the outside world in 1978, the


country had built up its industrial framework, based on well-developed basic science and technology, he said. More than 20-years of close-up since 1949 had prevented China's infant national industries from

exposing to foreign competition and considerably scaled up before it▓s opening-up, said Agbu. But he also pointed

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